We are a creative multimedia design service

If your organisation is looking for creative visual communication solutions for your products and services the design team at Artstream are on hand to meet your needs. Whether you want a unique logo, beautifully designed print material, or a website viewable on smartphones and tablets, we are here to assist.

Please contact us for an obligation free quote.

Branding and Logos

We will develop a unique and memorable branding for your product or service. This is achieved by designing an original logo and visual identification system. Your brand will have its own personality suited to your product and target market. Unlike offshore online logo suppliers, our logos are individually designed and can be trademarked by your business.


At Artstream we design high impact print material that will make your products and services more tangible, and persuade consumers to buy. Contact Artstream for an obligation free quote for the design of your next advertising brochure, point-of-sale materials or posters. We also specialise in letterheads and business cards.


We are not just talented designers but also skilled illustrators. Our illustrations have been included on brochures, posters, websites and wine labels. We are skilled at creating original illustrations in the mediums of digital painting, vector graphics, acrylic paint, ink, watercolour and gouache.


On crowded retail shelves your product only has 5 seconds to win a customer. Artstream will design highly visible, memorable, and cost effective packaging for your products, which will standout from the crowd and win the attention of new customers.

Website Design

We will design for your business a highly functional promotional website that can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. Our website is a good example of a responsive website. To view how our website adjusts when resized just click on the bottom right corner of the browser box, then drag in and out to see how the layout adjusts automatically.


Artstream will produce an animated production that will make your products and business standout from the rest. We specialise in 2D and 3D animations for all advertising and marketing applications. From large animated productions such as advertisements and promotional films, to small animations for web and email application. Contact us for a no obligation quote.


Bryce Morriss : Digital Designer

Bryce is skilled at designing and building promotional websites. He is also a talented illustrator and animator. He specialises in character development, and 2D and 3D animation. He can also design an animation to be integrated into your website.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Media Arts with a major in Animation and a sub-major in Web Development

Debra Morriss : Graphic Designer

Debra is skilled at designing original logos and business identities. She specialises in graphic design for print production and packaging. Debra has an in-depth knowledge of photographic techniques and is skilled at image editing. She is also able to provide art direction for your advertising photo shoot.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Visual Communication with a major in Graphic Design. Debra has also studied art, professional photography, and marketing.